Peri Peri Chicken


My husband is South African, lived in England for more than a decade and is a great cook who loves spicy food.  He’s introduced me to many amazing flavor combinations from South Africa and beyond.  Let’s not even get started on all the South African wines he has made me a big fan of.One of my favorite hubby-introduced flavors is Peri Peri sauce.  It is a sauce of Portuguese origin but with an African twist, featuring at minimum chilis, lemon, oil and red bell peppers with many variations within and across the countries where it is popular.  On our last trip to South Africa in January, I came across a version I fell in love with at a local fish store and could drown in gallons of its deliciousness, especially paired with grilled prawns.  Sadly the two little bottles we managed to bring home are nearly gone and it occurred to me that it might be time to give it the old expat treatment.

The expat treatment is finding acceptable local substitutes or making homemade versions of the things that you love from home but cannot smuggle into your current country in endless supply.  Yes, we need a Peri Peri source closer to home or face serious risk of withdrawal symptoms.PeriPeri2

This weekend I gave Peri Peri sauce attempt #1 a go.  It is not the final version and due to stock limitations on Saturday afternoon at the local grocery I had to make some less than ideal substitutions. While it wasn’t close enough to the Peri Peri sauce version I was craving, I’d say this was a solid start on the journey.

PeriPeri1The recipe is from Macheesmo’s website and we paired the Peri Peri chicken with the recommended coleslaw recipe (nice!) and some brown rice.  And, well, the plates were cleared and hubby gave his stamp of approval.


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