Two Soups

It’s hard to believe that just a few days ago it was so chilly that I was craving soup.  Now it is toasty warm and summery and a hot soup is the last thing on my mind.  Fortunately there is a soup for every season as we seem to go through several of them in a matter of days.

On our chilly spring day, I made this lovely celeriac leek soup.  The reviews were mixed, but I followed the recipe exactly and give it high marks.  The homemade croutons were the perfect finishing touch.

Celeriac Leek Soup

Along came our summery spring weather and I still wanted soup but thought I would try for the first time a chilled soup.  The gazpacho recipes I reviewed just weren’t doing it for me and then I stumbled onto this alluring cucumber soup recipe on Cooking Light.  While I definitely prefer hot soups overall, a nice chilled soup hits the spot on a warm summer day.  Just make sure you build in enough prep time as this one won’t be ready in a jiffy.

Cucumber Soup 2


So go ahead and bring whatever you got, Mother Nature.  We got soup!


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